Why should you buy Magento Themes on theme-factory.com?

Magento Themes come from a good name and outstanding team of developers. You will see that a theme is made from high quality, and carefully designed, which will save you a lot of work in the future. In case, you need a new theme, you can also order new and updated themes from our partner Theme Factory. No matter if you are a new Magento user or you are an experienced developer, you will be able to find something interesting in the Magento Themes. Want to know more? Feel free to read the following: Magento Themes are developed with simple CSS, which will be easy for you to use and edit. Themes also have specific technical features that will enhance the usability of your Magento store. After installation, you can access the theme options from the theme options menu in Magento. Worried that your WordPress site might be slow and unresponsive? Check out the case study that Magento Themes will help you with. You can apply a “Store Only” theme to your Magento site to speed up the loading of pages. Magento Themes will make your site look good and smooth in all the browsers that it will be used in Magento Themes will provide you with excellent customizability that will allow you to adjust your theme as per your requirement.

Why should you buy Magento Themes on theme-factory.com?

Magento Themes from theme-factory.com is the highest quality Magento themes on the market. If you are not a developer you can buy an affordable Magento Theme from theme-factory.com because we are able to produce high quality Magento themes for just $199.99. All our Magento Themes are developed with our own development team which also develops all Magento eCommerce themes and templates for just $199.99. So, you can buy theme-factory.com Magento themes for only $199.99 and get a premium quality Magento Theme. Theme-factory.com has already developed and released high quality Magento Themes. We are known for our premium quality Magento themes. We are also known for our affordable Magento themes and these include our Magento 2.2 themes. Magento 3.2 and Magento 2.1 themes are also available at theme-factory.com.

Magento Themes from Theme-factory.com are developed with Magento and no other themes than Magento is required. Since Theme-factory.com has released thousands of Magento Themes for Magento 2.1 and Magento 3.2, we have a huge catalog of Magento Themes to choose from. We are constantly improving our Magento Themes and we do all the work ourselves. Our Mag

Why should you choose Theme-factory.com?

We offer several different pricing plans to fit your needs, and the best part is that they don’t contain any hidden fees. If you purchase a Theme from us, you don’t pay any fees, except for a small $5.00 fee to cover the cost of storing your data. If you don’t need to store data, you don’t need to pay for it. What if I purchase an “Flexible” or “Standard” or “Mixed” or “Unlimited” plan? If you purchase a theme from us and select a “standard” or “flexible” plan, you will receive all the advantages of our Premium plans, plus you will receive an additional $10.00 credit for every additional theme you purchase! What is the difference between an “Unlimited” plan and an “Mixed” plan? An “unlimited” plan is identical to our Premium plan, except you will receive $10.00 credit for every additional theme you purchase!

Do you offer any savings?

Yes! For all items on our Premium plans, there is a flat $10.00 discount off your first order for the first 90 days after the purchase of that item. For every additional theme you purchase, the discounted price will increase to $10.00. All other discounts are subject to change and may expire at any time.