All About Magento Partners Program

Magento partners can enter the Partners Program. The Partners Program has its own set of unique requirements and terms. See the Magento partners program terms and conditions for more details. The Partners Program is open to individuals and organizations that have a direct or indirect business relationship with Magento. The Program can be used for a number of different reasons, including: Advertising Hosting and maintenance Technical support Legal or compliance Legal claims Participating in this program is voluntary. The Program allows up to 10 partners per year to be approved. These partners may receive discounts for hosting, technical support, or legal or compliance services. The 10 approved partners may apply to become an additional participant. How the Program Works First, the Program Administrator creates an application form, located here. This form must be submitted by the verified participant. The Program Administrator will then review the application form, contact the participating companies and set a time and date for the application. After review, the Program Administrator will select 10 companies to become an additional participant. After confirmation, the selected companies will apply for and receive an approval. Program Details Participating companies are chosen at random. The 10 companies are evaluated by Magento employees in the Magento Enterprise Cloud. This evaluation includes a short interview, an evaluation of the company’s Magento knowledge, and the assessment of the company’s capabilities and strengths.

A Partner is a Magento Expert who has proven success in providing Magento Marketing and Operations support services to customers.

When you become a Partner, you will be supported with the following services. • Consultation to help solve your business problems • Technical support to help solve your technical problems • Sales-related assistance to help you grow your business • Business Expansion Management (BEM) to help you manage your expansion and marketing activities • Testimonials to help improve your business • Collaboration with other Magento Experts to explore new opportunities • Referrals from existing customers to help you increase your sales • Experiences that will help you inform your business and the Magento Community • Magento Training to help you become a better Magento Expert • Promotion of Magento eCommerce Products and Services to enhance your business and your customer’s experience • Business Card Design to customize your business card with your logo, product, services, and testimonial • Online-to-Business(OTB) Marketing to advertise your business to the Magento Community • Magento Internships to provide a hands-on learning experience • Marketing, SEO, and Campaign Management to help grow your business • Magento Training to become a better Magento Expert The Magento Partner Program is for Magento Customers who are considering being a Partner.

Get Started with the Services Standard terms apply to all services offered.

Please read these terms carefully. Your use of the Service, including use of the Services in connection with the provision of services or products for others, is subject to the terms of this agreement. The following terms and conditions set forth the terms and conditions under which the Company may provide you with certain services. 1. Definitions “Service” means any service offered by Magento, including the Magento Marketplace, and includes the website on which the Services are offered, the source code for the Services, and any downloadable updates to the Services, or any software offered by the Company to you as part of the Service. “Your account” means any registered account of which the Company has knowledge. “Company” means Magento Limited. “Legal Agreement” means the Agreement between Magento Limited and You. 2. Modifications Magento may modify this Agreement at any time. Please be aware that modifications will be effective immediately upon posting to the Services, but modifications may be made to existing terms and conditions. 3. Amendments The Company may amend the terms of this Agreement from time to time, in Magento’s sole discretion. You must check the latest terms and conditions posted on the Services each time you use the Services, and you should review the most recent amendments to the terms and conditions at any time.

All About Magento Partners Program Organizing the sales of Magento 2-in-1 products, and offering dedicated support for customers, is a major achievement for our team. The final milestone of the program is to help Magento 2-in-1 vendors to add a dedicated partner program to their site. We are thrilled to announce that over the next months we will partner with 15 of the most reputable Magento 2-in-1 e-commerce sites in the world. To join the program, you need to have a supported Magento 2-in-1 e-commerce site that is accepted by at least 15 Magento 2-in-1 partners. The first tier of partners is the Magento 2-in-1 partners offered by CloudCuddle and Wix. These partners have vast experience in e-commerce, and they will develop a service to supplement the Magento 2-in-1 product. This service will be developed on-site, and will be an extension of the product itself. We will be providing all the additional services and tools you need, including email, support, payment gateway, and so on. We will have specific team members in each location who can assist you to get your Magento 2-in-1 product up and running.

To become a Magento Partner, you’ll need to have a commercial product in the Magento ecosystem.

Then you’ll sign up for our Partner Directory, where you can access real-time market research and customer demand for Magento products. You’ll also be able to find out about upcoming Magento Partners and how to become one. We’ll also provide you with daily news and updates to help you get started on your journey to becoming a Magento Partner. Once you become a Magento Partner, you’ll receive a link to start collecting sales data from your customers. You can learn more about the Partner Program here. How to get a Magento Partner For more information about becoming a Magento Partner, please visit our Partners Program page. Selecting Your Back-Up Server First, I’d like to tell you about how I choose what server to backup. I have two computers: My personal machine (a Dell ThinkPad T61) which I use for programming, productivity, and everything else. My primary server which is used for a variety of purposes, including: development, games, backup, backup testing, and more backup. I have two servers that I backup on a regular basis. I have a Windows server and I have a Ubuntu server. I think the choice of server is pretty simple.