How can you prevent online shopping risks?

To prevent online shopping risks, we recommend that you carefully read all the terms and conditions and take all necessary actions before making your final decision to purchase. Some important points to remember are: • Never give out your credit card number to a stranger • Never give out your password to anyone who asks for it • Never share your password or financial information (such as bank account or credit card number) • Do not use any e-mail accounts or any other type of online accounts that can be traced back to you • Always be careful when choosing to pay for something online, and be aware that there is always a risk that a fake product may be used by someone else to purchase something, or that a payment may be made online without your knowledge • Be aware that your credit card number and other personal information can be accessed or stolen by anyone. • Avoid filling out any form on the Internet that asks you to give out your personal information. Also, if you choose to fill out any form online, do so from a secure site that requires a password. • Do not put your credit card number in an email or text message that you do not control. If you are worried about online shopping risks, there are a number of companies that can help you take control of your credit card information.

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