Why Is Online Delivery So Famous?

Online deliveries are not new to the high street. Recently, a New York food delivery startup called Pizzaboy was acquired by Sprig, a company which delivers fresh, premium sandwiches directly to your door. As we’ve reported in the past, the new business has been surprisingly popular, and is now offering a free delivery service in the New York area. Since then, online delivery has become more and more popular. The United Kingdom, for example, is rapidly growing its online grocery delivery service. And on both the U.S. and European side of the pond, you’ll find huge portions of the population – particularly in the United Kingdom – who are increasingly turning to online grocery delivery to order food when they can’t cook at home. However, these new businesses have their flaws. One of the most important: the delivery fees. One of the biggest drawbacks of online grocery delivery is the fees. At Pizzaboy, the charge for a single delivery was £8, though if you bought a full pizza in advance, the charge was a staggering £39.40. At Sprig, a delivery charge is $15, or £10 if you want a whole pizza, which is considerably more affordable. Fares in the UK are based on the amount of distance travelled, and the amount of time spent on the vehicle. A one-way fare costs less than a one-hour one.

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