Magento Security Best Practices

After reading the document you’ll be able to create a professional security policy in under 30 minutes. You’ll learn how to: Build an anti-phishing policy Adopt “best practice” security best practices Secure your server and user data Customize your security policy to fit your business Protect your website from malicious code and SQL injection attacks Protect your database and its users Using these best practices can greatly reduce your risk of security breaches, which will be your biggest source of loss and damages. Security Best Practices This document contains the following best practices: Encrypt sensitive data using SSL/TLS Use secure data encryption Require clients to use secure connections Require authentication when accessing your website Encrypt sensitive data The best practices in this document can help you secure all your sensitive data that you store on your website: But before you do that, let’s take a look at what happens when your server receives a request for sensitive information: The request is authenticated with the user’s credentials The user is asked to select an entity (entity name, e.g. ‘product’) The entity is sent to the server The server decodes the entity The server stores the decoded entity in a session cookie The server then sends the request again The request is authenticated.

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Best way to create template for Magento 2.0

Magento Stores can be Hacked We’ve talked about this in the past but the simple truth is that your store can be hacked. This is not a theoretical risk. Retailers, like all businesses, have been hacked before and they will be again. Hackers are always looking for a way to break in and steal your customers. A huge problem in the world of retail is that of identity theft. The fact is that people walk around with their credit card numbers on them in bags or wallets that have nothing in them. In fact, people have their card numbers on their computer, their cell phones, and other forms of electronic devices.

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